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React-useState Basics and Advanced?

Murat Güney | React-useState Basics and Advanced?
With React 16.8, we don’t have to use “Class” based components anymore to use “state”. There is a new way to manage the “state” of a component. “this.setState” is replaced with “useState” hook and it is awesome! So if you really know how to use it… Like the older way…
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Dynamic Component Generation in React! Creating A Page with JSON!

Murat Güney | Dynamic Component Generation in React! Creating A Page with JSON!
How create a component dynamically? How to make a component generic? How to render a component from props? How to create a page from JSON? How to…? Most of us know how to make a component with JSX syntax. This is very simple once you have learned how React works…
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React-Key What-Why-How?

Murat Güney | React-Key What-Why-How?
There is a special prop called “Key“ in React but what is that? What does it do? Why should we know it?. Every developer who works with React probably has already seen this error. What does this error really mean? It means React needs a unique “Key” prop to distinguish…
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React-useRef, What-Why-How?

Murat Güney | React-useRef, What-Why-How?
With React 16.8 we have met with hooks and some methods that we have used before were replaced with them. One of those is “useRef”. There are 3 ways that are commonly used. 1 - What? “useRef” is a hook which: 1 — can keep the values between re-renders. It has a “current”…
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React 16 Context Unwanted Rerender

Murat Güney | React 16 Context Unwanted Rerender
Since React 16.8 came into our lives, everything has changed a lot. With the concepts, we call “Hook”, writing components become much easier and more understandable now. Now, creating contexts and accessing it very easy, and we don’t have to use “Redux” anymore. …
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